Are there any special attachments needed on the stairs?

EVAC+CHAIR is all that is required. It uses basic principles of gravity and friction, not gadgets. There is no installation. It's always ready for immediate on-the-job protection.

Can the person seated in the chair fall out?

No. He or she is seated within a pocket seat that "cups" the body securely. The rider is strapped in and sits only inches from the incline of the steps. All weight is supported by the chair, not the straining arms of volunteers.

Does EVAC+CHAIR go up steps?

No. In order to keep EVAC+CHAIR simple, light and easy to use we designed it to meet the most common emergency situation, descending fire stairs and rolling easily on landings and corridors.

How long does it take to learn to use EVAC+CHAIR?

By following the instructions that come with the unit (they're also printed on the seat) the average person should be proficient with someone his or her own weight after a short training session.

How many people does it take to operate EVAC+CHAIR?

Just one to guide the chair and the person seated in it down the steps. EVAC+CHAIR does 90% of the work itself.

How strong does a "buddy" have to be to guide EVAC+CHAIR?

We recommend that attendants initially practice with a person who weighs about their own body weight. Once the physical sense of operation is experienced, and depending upon the operator's own strength and agility, greater disparities in weight can be handled.

Is EVAC+CHAIR recommended for the disabled individual at home?

No, we can't recommend it for this situation (except for the high-rise apartment dweller) because of the varied and non-standard space and stair configurations of the private home. EVAC+CHAIR offers one-way transport only, a "lifeboat" function absolutely essential for a building but not practical for the individual seeking daily assistance up and down stairs.

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